Stole made of baby alpaca and Silk, a fine blend of fibers gives this accessory softness and an excellent fall.




Composition: 70% baby alpaca 30% silk

Length: 2.05cm/with fringes 2.20cm   Width: 80cm

This stole is ideal for the autumn/winter as well as the spring/summer season.

Considered to be one of the world’s finest and strongest fibers, this camelid has the longest fiber with the widest color range in the textile world. The fiber is strong, insulating, durable and lustrous.

The quality of the fabric provides softness and has special thermal properties.

Alpaca can be five times as warm as sheep’s wool without making the garment any heavier.

The feel and natural shine of the fiber are inimitable, whether in the baby alpaca with a fineness of 21 to 23 microns or the extra-fine royal alpaca with 18-19 microns.

Orders from outside EU please contact us at before ordering.

Cleaning: Dry clean only

Storage: To avoid moth damage to clothing, take normal moth-proofing precautions.

Use: With very fine and light garments we recommend taking special care.

Our garments are mainly made of natural fibers; excessive friction can generate natural lint.

Goods are manufactured as soon as you have placed the order, delivery usually takes 14-21 days.

Stay sustainable, produce only what you need.

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