At WTW, Women To Women, believe that trends can be timeless. That there can be fashion that successfully underlines the individuality of each woman, adapting to her very personal style.


We, Alexandra Wuttig and Andressa Gallo, share a love of unique fashion that is produced under fair conditions and for a decent wage. Our Slow Fashion Concept therefore combines sustainability, the highest quality standards and female empowerment to produce accessories with never-ending elegance.

Alexandra has advocated for female empowerment since she was a student. Andressa, who was born and raised in Arequipa, Peru, was able to gain experience with one of the largest alpaca producers worldwide. WTW is in close contact with its partner company in Peru, which means we can guarantee that the entire production process is fair and sustainable.


The fiber of the gods.

Our scarves and stoles are made of Peruvian alpaca wool, which is particularly known for its ability to conserve body warmth. Alpaca is warmer, lighter and softer than other high-end luxury materials such as cashmere and merino wool. Alpaca is famous for its luxurious fleece; it doesn’t shrink when it’s cared for properly, it’s hypoallergenic and it has water-resistante properties.

While the production of cashmere, which has greatly increased in the last few years, disturbs the ecological balance and has been the source of many negative headlines regarding animal welfare, alpacas are generally sturdier, and their welfare is a priority during production. Their wool, too, is very robust. It offers protection from wind and cold, and yet is very soft and supple.


WTW is the best proof that women can come together to create something great and unique. Each individual piece is created by women, for women. Whether in production, marketing or management – behind every step is a strong woman with personality.

We greatly value our resources, environmentally-friendly energy usage and keeping animals in a species-appropriate manner. Because in the end we want our customers to have not only fashion in their hands, but their new, timeless favorite item.



"This is an amazing feeling, so warm and soft, like an embracement"

Visitors of the GreenStyle MUC